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About this site

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About Osaka

Osaka is a city with a population of 8.8 million located in western Japan.
It has been a key city in Japan since ancient times, and Hideyoshi Toyotomi built Osaka Castle in the 17th century, making it the center of Japan’s economy and politics.
Even after the capital moved to Edo (Tokyo), it has achieved its own development both in culture and economy, and it is known as a unique city.
Although it is not well known because it is hidden in flashy styles such as Dotonbori, Osaka is a city that carefully preserves traditional performing arts such as Bunraku (puppet theater), Rakugo(verbal entertainment), and Kabuki. There are also four orchestras based in Osaka.
The issue is to keep an eye on such a culture rooted in the local community due to the economic development caused by inbound travel.