About Osaka city


There are two downtown areas in Osaka city called Kita(north) and Minami(south). And there is Osaka Castle on the east side and Universal Studio Japan on the west side. All these are within the range of 10 to 20 minutes by train. If you use a rapid train, you can go to Kyoto, Kobe and Nara in 30 minutes.

Today, over 10 million tourists visit Osaka. 80% of them are Asian people. In restaurants, amusement facilities, hotels, Chinese and Korean notation are increasing more than English.

All the Japanese learn English at school for over 10 years, but we are not good at English conversation because we almost never meet foreigners. But we know a lot of English words and have spirits of mutual respect, so please feel free to talk to us.

Most Osaka-like place is Dotonbori. Lots of restaurants, neon, people, and a river that flows beside. However, there are many Osaka people who have never visited and will never visit here.
There are various other sightseeing spots. Kaiyukan (Aquarium), Sky Building and Tennoji Zoo and many more. As I mentioned earlier, JR line, private railway, subway, buses run throughout Osaka city. You can go anywhere with about 300 yen within 30 minutes.

About Osaka’s food, Takoyaki(octopus ball) and Okonomiyaki(savory pancake) and Udon(thick noodles) is famous and popular to tourists. And Osaka is a city of “Kuidaore (ruin oneself by spending too much money on food)” culture. Sushi, Oden(stewed vegetables and fishcakes), Fugu(blowfish), Kushikatsu(skewered meat and vegetables), Doteyaki(stewed beef tendons) and many more.
If you are interested in foods, I recommend not only restaurants for tourists but also restaurants where local people go.
Foods in Osaka is cheap. And there is no chip culture in Japan. At dinner time it is better to order drinks. Recently, I see some tourists who drinks only the service water at Izakaya(pub) and Tachinomi(standing bar), but that is rude in Japan.

Osaka is a city full of entertainment since long ago. Bunraku(puppet),Rakugo(comic storytelling), Kabuki(traditional stage drama) etc…
There are still some theaters, some of which have support for English guidance.
And three big festivals are held in Osaka in the summer, Aizen, Tenjin, Sumiyoshi festival. Among them, Tenjin Festival is one of the biggest three biggest festivals in Japan, more than a million people visit, the countless fireworks be launched on the last day are so beautiful.

Anyway, Osaka people are said most easygoing people in Japan. Please make friends and make your trip better.